What will 2021 bring? 

Moving into 2021, we expect much of the discussion surrounding data privacy to come to a head.

At the Federal level, the Biden Administration has already signaled that data protection policies are one of the first issues the President-elect plans to tackle. While Congress remains divided, there is a strong belief that Federal data privacy legislation will have bipartisan support in both the Senate and House of Representatives in the 117th Congress.

In New York State, the environment is even more supercharged. Democrats not only control the Executive Chamber and the Legislature, they now maintain supermajorities in the Senate and the Assembly for the 2021 Budget Process and Legislative Session. The common theme amongst key government officials and thought leaders is that New York needs a comprehensive approach to data privacy. We expect recently introduced privacy legislation redefining and deeply changing the regulation of personally identifiable information to be a focus in New York State. 

Federal Legislative Issues

New York State Legislative